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Lets put it like this: I lost a lot of time and money before I met Sam. he is my savor. First of all he made me feel like I deserve justice, he made me feel I am right, innocent and that we can achieve victory, but most of all he had the spirit of which lawyers suppose to be made of, spirit of winners. The outcome was even better then I expected and the complete opposite of what supposly better lawyers promised me, how is that? Well if your looking for justice and you want the feeling that your lawyer is working for you and not doing you any favors you should definitely give this guy a call, you won’t be sorry, I’m a happy person right now.


Sam has been and was most excellent during my time of need. He fought tirelessly to help me out during the most sour patch in my life. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer for Dui’s. He’s very easy to talk to, understanding, and will not stop trying to fight on your behalf. His prices are extremely reasonable, and he again is just amazing all around. Give this man a raise, and make him a judge!


When one of the best lawyers in the county almost ruins your case and then tells you it’s all lost, doesn’t believe what you say after he takes your money, a person might just give up, we’ll not me, I kept searching and I found Sam, truly he sounded sharp and I liked his name, I almost lost hope and for some reason he was not expensive at all, so I went with him. Sam really believes that justice comes right after service, so first since I was his client and he was working for me he just assumed I’m right and I’m innocent which was a true notion, from here on what happened made “better” lawyers look like fools. The outcome was better then I have imagined. Do yourself a favor and talk to Mister Samuel Daw before you talk to any other lawyer around.


Mr. Daw helped me with an incident I had last summer. He was professional and very vigorous in my defense. He was able to work with me and the prosecutors to achieve the best results that were available for me, given my circumstances. Sam was always accessible as well. He gave me his personal cell phone number and I was able to call him at anytime with any question. He kept me well informed throughout the legal process and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who needs legal representation.