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If you believe there may be a warrant for your arrest, the best place to start is with a knowledgeable Santa Rosa warrant attorney to help you sift through your options and head off trouble before you’re arrested. An arrest warrant may be issued when a law enforcement agency believes they have enough evidence to suspect that a crime has occurred. If you believe an arrest warrant has been issued or may soon be issued, an attorney may be able to speak with law enforcement and lessen the burden of being arrested and dealing with the issue from behind bars. Bench warrants are typically issued after an individual has failed to appear in court for an incident they were cited for or when an individual has failed to meet a court-imposed requirement after a case has been resolved. Many non-felony bench warrants can be cleared without the defendant being present and can be placed on calendar and cleared within a matter of days.


If you believe a warrant has issued or may soon issue, speak to a Santa Rosa warrant attorney immediately. They can find out with certainty what is out there and help you resolve the problem before the resolution is taken out of your hands and you find yourself in custody.